Success Stories

Raeghan was a priceless asset helping us through a difficult pregnancy. She helped every step of the way from pre-conception, through trying to conceive, and then managing a high-risk pregnancy.
Raeghan is very knowledgeable and has a whole network of critical contacts at her disposal, and lucky for us she did because we ended up needing them to get through our pregnancy.  We would have been at a loss and would have had so much more difficulty without her.Raeghan was a trusted advisor, she is so passionate about her work, it’s clear she genuinely cares.  Whenever we needed someone, she knew exactly who to contact, even arranging some of the appointments.   She has access to people in fertility support, midwives, obstetricians, physical therapists, doulas, you name it.  She also had many tips and tricks for dealing with pregnancy symptoms.  Her treatments helped relieve my anxiety, lessened my morning sickness and, most importantly, kept me pregnant.  I can’t recommend her enough.  We’ve told others to be sure to contact her if they’re trying to conceive or are already pregnant.  The acupuncture therapy and her emotional support really helped get me through some very tough times.   Raeghan is a true healer.”

I would highly recommend Raeghan as she is simply…. AMAZING!!! Not only is she compassionate in regards to your feelings, and what your experiencing but she takes the time to really connect to you, which is very rare these days and was very much appreciated. Raeghan and all the staff helped make me feel so comfortable I found it to be one of the most peaceful places to go. What stood out to me was, Raeghan even came in on one of her days off to make sure she saw me on a super important day for me as I’m dealing with IVF. I would highly recommend Raeghan. She happens to have a reputation as being the “baby maker” so its worth seeing her for many reasons.

Raeghan is my fertility fairy godmother! From pre-conception through pregnancy, she has helped make my wish come true by providing transformative, empowering care.

The day I began working with Raeghan was the day I began to feel positive and in control of my reproductive journey. Much more than an acupuncturist, she is a maven—with an interconnected vision and network to nurture fertility, birth, and everything before and after! In my wildest dreams I never expected such tireless, generous support.

Raeghan has provided health-transforming acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements with reassuring expertise. She has connected me with a multitude of trustworthy practitioners who have addressed every aspect of my reproductive health holistically. She has empowered me by answering every one of my questions along the way, providing context and explanations for the bewildering processes of conception and pregnancy.

It’s impossible to imagine my journey succeeding without her, and I’m thankful every day that she’s been my guide.    


My friend recommended that I see Raeghan to help us conceive. I had been trying for 2 years, with no success. All the blood work was normal and my cycles were regular, but the fertility clinic diagnosed me with “unexplained infertility”. I was so frustrated and the thought of attending another baby shower was breaking my heart. Raeghan was so easy to talk to, that I immediately felt like I was in the right place. She recommended some dietary changes, added some supplements to my regime, and taught me how to relax. After each acupuncture treatment, I felt healthier and stronger. I couldn’t believe it, within 2 months of starting the acupuncture treatments I became pregnant. Raeghan was the magic that we needed. Thank you so much!


I began seeing Raeghan for acupuncture treatments after a frustrating struggle with unexplained infertility. From our first meeting, Raeghan was instantly invested in my journey to conceive. Her warmth, positivity and wealth of knowledge gave me the immediate confidence that I was on the right path. Weekly acupuncture provided the invaluable time I needed to reduce stress and help my body achieve the balance it needed to overcome the obstacles we were facing and support the IUI process. Raeghan’s incredible support guided me through the difficult process of letting go and instead listening to my body and it’s needs, focusing on wellness, balance and relaxation. As a result, we recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl in to this world!

From the beginning, Raeghan was able to provide recommendations for beneficial supplements and diet changes as well as additional resources that would further support the path to reaching conception. In addition to the acupuncture, I began receiving both massage and chiropractic care at Living Wellness, both before and during pregnancy, to further support my body. Regular treatments helped to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and prepare my body for labour.

The entire staff at living wellness has always been very welcoming, attentive and accommodating. I am very pleased with the service and care I have received. Raeghan’s expertise and genuine care has been an integral part of this amazing adventure. I am so very thankful to have worked with her throughout this process!

I struggled with PCOS my whole life, dealing with irregular cycles and the thought that I may never get pregnant. I came to Raeghan to help regulate my cycle, knowing we want to start trying for a family soon. We soon established a regular cycle and I felt healthy! Once we started to try to conceive, Raeghan was very supportive and provided excellent information and care. With in two months we were pregnant. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness, prevent miscarriages, and alleviate my anxiety. I don’t think I would be here at 39 weeks pregnant with out the help of Raeghan.


After two miscarriages I decided to do a year of nutritional preconception care and add acupuncture into the mix. I saw Raeghan for acupuncture weekly from conception until the end of my first trimester. I was a little squeamish about acupuncture needles in my ankles and feet from previous experiences but Raeghan’s technique was amazing – I felt no discomfort!

Raeghan was reassuring, compassionate, empathetic, supportive and nurturing and offered great advice for all of my early pregnancy irritations. Having Raeghan with me early in the journey helped me trust the process of pregnancy again.

Thank you Raeghan!

I first went to Raeghan Siemens to try acupuncture to treat my morning sickness. Not only did I find relief for my nausea, I found one of the major care providers of my pregnancy. Acupuncture was a great relief for the uncomfortable developments of pregnancy. Raeghan was an incredible support and highly knowledgeable about a plethora of pregnancy resources and support. And she’s just a total pleasure to chat with. Today, whenever I find out someone is pregnant I give them two names – my doula and Raeghan Siemens. Oh, and get a post-partum treatment from her. That is still one of the best things that I’ve ever done.  B.P.

Dear Raeghan,

There aren’t enough “thank yous” we can say to express the gratitude we feel for all you’ve done. The relief and comfort we felt after our first appointment was exactly what we needed. After my operation to remove a fibroid and two failed attempts at IUI while trying to conceive for two years, there were many tears and we really started to worry. Although we are both very healthy, we’re both over 40 and were starting to wonder if our dream of having a family was possible.

Your honesty, guidance and support along with the knowledgeable and caring team at Acubalance gave us the hope and belief that we would be successful. Which we were! I can’t even begin to express the happiness that Abigail has brought to us and our families. She is precious and such a joy and we can’t imagine our lives without her. As well, the Acupressure for Labor course we took with you was not only lots of fun, but it really helped during labor! In between the painful contractions, we actually had a few laughs and were distracted trying to find the pressure points.

We are so lucky to have been in your care and have not hesitated to recommend you to others. Your passion and dedication for what you do is so apparent. We wished we would have come to you sooner. We are so appreciative, Raeghan. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for helping to make our family possible. It’s only been five months but already has been amazing.


Abigail, Stephanie, and Hamish

I have seen Raeghan for treatments for my infertility issues for a year after a year of trying medical infertility treatments and doing a full year of continuing intense medical infertility treatments. Her treatments and attention have made a tremendous difference in my acceptance and coping with infertility. Without Raeghan’s treatments once per week, my coping mechanisms would have likely failed me during this trying time.

During each treatment, Raeghan paid impeccable attention to my cycle and medical treatments to ensure her acupuncture treatments were in sync and complementary to these [and] also paid astute attention to my mental state. During this emotional and trying journey, sessions with Raeghan were a needed escape with a lasting positive effect. The discussions before the acupuncture began, the acupuncture itself, the special body work, and the aromatherapy during each session provided an incredible comforting outlet, one that I looked forward to each week. Raeghan’s role transcended acupuncturist – for a year she also acted as my therapist, my confidant, and my supportive and understanding friend. The difference in my attitude and outlook post sessions was palpable, noted by my family and friends.

I owe much of my ability to move forward and eventually have my own child to Raeghan and the year’s treatments with her. Anyone going through infertility – of any kind – would greatly benefit from her attention and special gift. Lisa

I know acupuncturists. I have suffered from three cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, and IVF treatments. For five years of my life, I lived on and off in Los Angles to receive acupuncture from one of the best. When I came back to Vancouver, I hopped back and forth from different acupuncturists, but no one had the “it” factor. Then I found Raeghan. Raeghan’s treatments were the best since L.A. She knows how to find your Chi (energy). Beyond Raeghan’s amazing technique, I believe some people have a natural gift for healing. Raeghan is one of those people.Thank you, Raeghan.

Hi Raeghan, I’m sorry I missed my appointment last Friday, but we were at BC Women’s napping after the birth at the time. Rafiq was born at 1:53 am Friday, and it was 10:30 pm thursday when we got to the hospital (at 7 cm dilation, yay) so it was all pretty efficient. I had the booklet and the stick on needles you’d given me in my hospital bag but was too in the zone to pull them out and figure out where to stick them… I’d planned on reading that booklet Thursday but got distracted by labour. 🙂 Anyway, it was a great, minimal interventions birth experience, I didn’t have any pain meds until they were stitching me up afterwards and Rafiq is an awesome mostly happy and mellow baby. I’m tired but otherwise feeling decent, less anxious than at this stage with Khalil. Thank you for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy, it really helped make both the pregnancy and birth much easier than last time! C.S.

Hi Raeghan!Well whatever you did to help induce me – worked!!  On Friday, it seemed like early labour was setting in, cramping was getting well underway by 10am.  I went to hospital about 5:30pm or so and Brielle was born at 8:11pm.  I am just so happy she is on the outside now!  I will definitely be coming back to see you again for future babies as it seemed to work like a charm! Thanks again for everything!  Taya

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me first thing in Friday morning.  We delivered a healthy baby girl last night (Eleanor) at home in the most perfect delivery. We went from our 5-1-1 to delivery in 1 hour.  (We were actually lucky because our midwife got here with 6 minutes to spare.)  She was perfectly positioned and I believe that the acupuncture that you did was one of the main contributors.  The acupressure booklet was amazing!  It really did offer relief during the contractions…and now my husband Mark is working on your food suggestions. Thank you so much and keep up the great work.  You helped make one of the most amazing days in my life even more amazing!  Sheena

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