Thinking of a Home Birth

Recently MacDiarmid, Health Minister of BC and former president of the B.C. Medical Association, said “there wasn’t any difference between the outcomes for moms and babies whether they were at home or in a hospital.” This show of support is a first of its kind from a goverment representative.
There are many pros for having a home birth, and speaking from experience, I can attest to how wonderful birthing at home can be.

Pros of Home Births:

  • You’re in a environment you’re in control
  • You get to determine the people present and what they do
  • You’re psychologically safer and is much less likely to have anyone try to convince or fear or guilt you into making a decision you don’t want
  • No need to get in the car during labor
  • Less distractions so you can get into her rhythm of birth
  • Freedom to leave to go for a walk or visit with friends or whatever you want during labor
  • Freedom to move you body without being self-conscious
  • Freedom to make noise without feeling like you’re disturbing others
  • Freedom to get in any position that feels comfortable
  • Freedom to birth in water if you choose
  • You’re relaxed, which allows birth to progress normally
  • You choose your support team
  • Older children may be present
  • You know who will be at your birth, not dependent on shifts and on-call status
  • Constant observation by the same people make it easier to detect problems
  • Decreased risk that anything you don’t consent to will happen against your will
  • Rate of successfully having a natural birth is much higher
  • Increased chance of having a pain-free birth
  • Decrease chance of traumatic force to the baby (in hospitals, babies are often pulled out; at home, they are allowed to come in their own time)
  • Decreased chance of a surgical birth (episiotomy or c-section)
  • Midwives are trained and carry with them equipment and medication deal with hemorrhage and resuscitation
  • No separation for mom and baby
  • Improved bonding with baby after birth (lasts a lifetime)
  • Easier breastfeeding
  • Get to rest immediately after birth (with no intrusions from hospital photographers, community social workers, cleaners, etc.)
  • No need to pack up and leave after birth
  • Midwives take care of clean-up after birth
  • Home visits for first weeks after birth to check on both mom and baby
  • Remember, you always have the choice to go to the hospital later if you feel that you will be more comfortable there. This transfer to the hospital usually happens with plenty of time and not in a state of panic because of careful observation to see when a transfer is needed

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