What you can do to optimize your fertility

  1. Reduce Stress – Chronic stress shuts down all non essential systems and directly affects the hormones that regulate fertility. Spend time in nature, surround yourself with people you love, meditate, exercise, write in a gratitude journal daily and breathe.
  2. Sleep – Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night.
  3. Drink Water – Water helps deliver hormones throughout the body, improves cervical mucous, and detoxifies your body.
  4. Diet – Strive for a whole food diet, rich in healthy fats, nutrient dense vegetables and fruit, and slow carbs. Limit processed foods and foods high in sugar.
  5. BMI– A healthy weight is one of the most important factors when addressing infertility. Your Body Mass Index ( BMI) should be between 20 – 25.
  6. Exercise – Exercise is important to reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight. Do 30 minutes of cardio daily, weight training 2 times per week, and yoga at least once a week.
  7. Supplements
  8. Things to Avoid – Smoking, higher levels of alcohol consumption (>2 drinks per day), recreational drugs, and use of most commercially available vaginal lubricants should be dis- couraged for couples trying to conceive.
  9. Timing of Intercourse – Frequent intercourse (every 1 to 2 days) yields the high- est pregnancy rates, but results achieved with less fre- quent intercourse (two to three times per week) are nearly equivalent. For women having regular menstrual cycles, frequent intercourse beginning soon after cessation of menses can help to maximize conception.

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