How to be an effective Birth Partner

The weeks leading up to the birth of you baby are filled with to do lists and processing your emotions about labour and the change your life is about take. As women, we are supported through this process by other women and our loving partners. However, the partners are often left out of this process as they are the rocks, the foundation that hold us together. I hear the same message coming from most men, they are terrified they won’t be able to help their partners with the pains of labour. They are scared because they feel its their role in life to shield and protect us, but in labour they are uncertain how to be effective.

If there is one message I could share with all the birthing partners, is that you ARE effective just by being there.
Things for partners to do during labour:
1. Be present ( Hold a hand, breathe with the contraction)
2. Offer drinks and food often
3. Say words of encouragement ( you are beautiful, amazing, powerful and strong)
4. Ease physical discomfort with massage, hip squeezes and acupressure
To learn more about acupressure during labour join us for a free workshop on March 30, 2010. Call 604- 678-8600 to reserve your spot.

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