Is Acupuncture Safe in Pregnancy

This is such a common question. However, there is a lot of misguided information out there, particularly on the web. Though acupuncture is 100% safe in pregnancy, there is some misunderstanding even amongst our community about its safety. Traditionally acupuncture has been used throughout the entire pregnancy. However, this has not been well documented. Obstetrical acupuncture was mainly an oral tradition used amongst midwives. More recently, it has been discouraged in order to prevent unskilled practitioners from treating pregnant women. I have had extensive training in obstetrics with many of the modern-day masters, and am completely confident in treating pregnant women.

The benefits of acupuncture in early pregnancy are miscarriage prevention, promoting health in mother and baby, and treating any pregnancy symptom. If you are not a client of mine and have concerns if your practitioner is educated in obstetrical acupuncture, ask them what specific courses they have taken, how many hours of continuing education in prenatal care do they have, and how many pregnant clients they have treated. But at the end of the day, follow your instincts and do what you feel comfortable with.

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