Preconception Planning

It is a very exciting to begin thinking that you are ready to start your family. Bringing awareness to your health, mind and spirit will give your baby the best start to life. Preconception planning can help you and your partner understand how to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

  • Stop taking birth control 3 -6 months prior to you starting to try to concieve. Sometimes it takes awhile for your cycle to become regular after stop your birth control.
  • Do a detox
  • Start keeping track of your cycle. Note how many days it is from day 1 of your period to your next period. ( Note: day 1 is the first day of full bleeding).
  • Pay attention to when you may be ovulating. Signs of ovulation are cervical mucus that is like egg whites, an increase in libido, and  brief pain around your ovary.
  • Take your prenatal vitamin and essential fatty acids ( EFA)  3 months prior to you starting to try to conceive.
  • Establish an exercise routine

Remember that becoming pregnant may take some time, 50% of couple become pregnant within the first 6 months of trying to conceive, while 85% become pregnant with in the first year.