Open Cervix, Open Heart

The last few weeks of a pregnancy are such a transformative time. Physically your body is preparing to deliver your baby by releasing hormones, opening your pelvis and softening of your cervix. At the same time, your heart softens and opens. You find that empathy and compassion ooze from your existence, and that the world’s suffering has become your suffering. Love overflows from your heart touching everything you see. Things are brighter and sweeter.

During this opening of your heart, past issues also take this opportunity to to re- surface.  For example, mother issues, partner issues, financial issues, past birth trauma. Although you may feel uncomfortable when emotions surface about things you have not thought about in awhile, take the opportunity to look at it. At this time in your pregnancy, your mama warrior is shining through giving you strength and courage. By looking at it and letting go, you will be creating the space in your heart for your baby.

Ideas to help you process past issues:

Speak with a counsellor
Practice mediation and mindfulness

Click here for an exercise on releasing toxic emotions.