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My original intention was to write this for women who lose themselves when they are trying to conceive. But when I stopped to think about it, we have the potential to lose ourselves in so many other situations. For example, when we are busting our butt at a new job, as a new mother, or with your partner. I know, I have been there. It feels like you are drowning and when you surface you ask yourself where am I ? Prevention is key, but all is not lost if you are lost. Slow and steady efforts are key to finding your self again.  Step 1. It is natural to put off that holiday, that purchase, or that class. The time is now. Don’t put that trip off because time will pass, and you may live with regret. Step 2. Find stillness. Our lives are so busy that we can’t hear our voice. Slow down, breath, mediate. You will hear your voice in that stillness. If you suck at mediation try guided mediations #bellaruthnaperstack Step 3. Try something new, or bring back an old hobby. I am not athletic at ALL. But I took tennis lessons for 2 years, I am still terrible, but it was fun and taught me some good life lessons. Step 4. Connect with nature. Mother Nature is wise and she will ground you and help you find your way.  Step 5. Laugh often. Fill your soul with people that make you smile. Girls nights, date nights, Netflix specials.  Step 6. Get sweaty. Feel your blood coursing and the sweat dripping, and you will be reminded that you are a super hero. @spinhousecycle @otfsouthsurrey @ifwhiterock Step 7. Go to bed at early. Aim for 10... you can handle what’s ahead if you are well rested.  It takes baby steps. But trust me you will re surface. And you will be MAGNIFICENT. 
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